If you’re a beginner Lucid Dreamer, perhaps even chasing your first conscious dreaming experience, then you may have yet to fully understand the meaning behind many daily routines you ought to perform. Without knowing the benefits, dream recording and Reality Checks can even feel tiresome to many dreamers.

Then again, even intermediate lucid dreamers can often find themselves struggling to keep up with activities that sometimes feel closer to work than a hobby. After all, nothing worth pursuing is easy, and Lucid Dreams are no different. It requires dedication, faith, and effort to arrive at your first conscious dream and immense consistency to experience Lucid Dreams regularly.

However, the journey towards Lucid Dreaming is filled with significant milestones and benefits which are not obvious at first glance yet feel exhilarating when you realize what’s happening.

Reality Checks, in particular, can transform your daily life. Today we discuss how this routine may and will help you every day if you get into the habit of performing them regularly.

The walking zombie antidote

Whether you realize it or not, you spend most of your day-to-day life on autopilot. Whether going to school, studying at a university or working, you drift through those activities without paying much attention to what you’re doing. Even though such a strategy might help you deal with the worries of the day quickly so that you may finally focus on what’s important when you arrive home, by the time you do, you’re exhausted.

It seems as if the day flew by, and there’s pretty much no time left to do anything. The days feel exhaustingly long but strangely short at the same time. This mode of being even interferes with whatever leisure activities you engage with. Mindlessly scrolling the web or aimlessly watching TV shortens whatever time you have left after the day’s work.

The mindset slowly turns you into a walking zombie. Reality Checks are a great antidote to that.


Whenever you perform a Reality Check, you become aware of your surroundings. Questions such as “Is this a dream?”, “Is this real?” and similar ones rush through your mind as you test the reality around you.

If only for a brief moment, you still break free from the typical mode of being you’re so used to in your everyday life. It’s even better if you pair Reality Checks with questions such as:

  • “What exactly am I doing?”
  • “Am I wasting my time?”
  • “Am I enjoying this?”
  • “Am I putting my heart into what I’m doing?” and similar.

Over time you will notice significant improvements in your daily life. You’ll get out of the autopilot mode, looping on repeatedly, day by day, slowly chipping away at your being and consuming the life out of you.

You’ll become much more aware when you’re wasting your time and cherish the moments when you aren’t. Even the food will taste different if you focus your attention towards it.

Reality Checks are much more than a tool to experience Lucid Dreaming. If used correctly, it can transform your world in the best way possible.

Good luck, Dreamer!