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Daniel Love

Head of Lucid Dreaming Education & Research

“It's my aim to help people to enhance their wellbeing and productivity by helping them to maximise the benefits of sleep and dreams.”

Immerse yourself in the YoruX community where dreams intertwine.

Explore, share, and discuss dreams with others, or delve into insightful discussions about sleep science and strategies. Our user-based dream wall cultivates a fascinating hub for those seeking to interpret and understand their subconscious narratives.

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Experience advanced sleep monitoring using your Apple Watch.

Our detailed graphics illustrate your sleep stages, highlighting your heart rate fluctuations and sleep efficiency. Gain valuable insights into your sleep patterns, such as sleep and wake times and average heart rate, to better understand your nightly rest.

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Dr. Tadas Stumbrys

Assistant Professor at VU,
Lead Scientist at YoruX

“Lucid dreaming is your doorway into the vast inner universe where everything is possible”

Enrich the YoruX community with your unique dream experiences and ideas.

With a simple press of the "+" button, record your dreams or initiate discussions. Utilize our AI-powered image generator to bring your dreams to life, visualizing your sleep adventures in a novel and artistic way. Decide whether to keep these entries private for personal reflection, or share them publicly on the YoruX wall to contribute to our collective dream journey.

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Unlock the hidden potentials of your dreams with our diverse suite of Dream Tools.

From guided meditations to reality checks and auto-alarms, our techniques are designed to enhance your dream recall and lucidity. Step into the realm of lucid dreams and other non-physical phenomena to discover a whole new world of self-awareness.

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Tailor your YoruX experience with a personalized profile.

Here, you can manage your account, review your recorded dreams, and revisit your discussions. Reflect on your private entries and share your public dreams to further enrich the YoruX community.

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Download the app and track the statistics of your sleep each night with apple watch.


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