People have been Lucid Dreaming for thousands of years. However, nowadays, the phenomenon is getting more and more popular. It captures the attention of newcomers relatively quickly, who in turn invite their friends and loved ones to join in on all the fun.

Today we’ll ponder why Lucid Dreaming is getting all this traction and what’s in store for the future. Here are five reasons why Lucid Dreaming is getting popular.

5. Information on Lucid Dreams is virtually limitless

Back in the old days, when there was no internet and no social media, information was somewhat limited in both its quantity and spread. If you were interested in a particular topic, you’d have to ask your elders (who may or may not know anything about it) or go to a library and salvage every book available on the subject. It was a tedious task, and only the ones truly fascinated by the topic would spend the time necessary.

With the arrival of the information age, you can find countless pages of information on any topic online. All you have to do is turn on any device connected to the internet and dive right in. The same goes for Lucid Dreaming – it’s extremely easy to find information about it. Of course, you’ll still need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

4. Lucid Dreaming is attracting scientists

Did you know that Lucid Dreaming was only proven to be real in 1975? It was done by parapsychologist Dr. Keith Hearne, and up until then, scientists were very skeptical about this subject.

However, scientists are now becoming more open-minded about their research topics – and Lucid Dreaming is no different. Concepts about the human mind, no matter how subjective, are being frowned upon much less nowadays. Of course, the ability to study the human mind through advanced machinery in the lab always helps.

3. Lucid Dreaming is among the best experiences one can have

It’s no secret that our lives are becoming faster and more intense each year. Lucid Dreaming is a perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself. It’s like a magical land or a giant sandbox with no rules in which one can experiment, have fun, and improve their life. Moreover, it's completely safe!

2. Lucid Dreaming can unlock peoples’ hidden potential

Throughout the years, many novel thinkers found the inspiration needed to take their work to the next level in dreams. Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Nikola Tesla – every one of them admitted to being Lucid Dreamers and drawing inspiration from their dreams.

It is far from clear where inspiration comes from in the first place, yet Lucid Dreams seem to unlock aspects of your mind hidden away in the unconsciousness.

1. Anyone can do it

Many leisure and self-improvement activities are unattainable to some people. Not everyone can play golf or tennis, not everyone can afford Virtual Reality equipment, and not everyone can force themselves to go to therapy.

On the other hand, Lucid Dreaming is something we all can do. It only requires dedication from the person interested in experiencing it.

There probably are many more reasons why Lucid Dreaming is now getting more popular than ever. However, we believe these five to be the most important. If you’re a Lucid Dreamer yourself, be sure to share your experience with the people around you – Lucid Dreaming may revolutionize the world if it maintains the current momentum.

Good luck, Dreamer!