Lucid dreaming in and of itself is already an exciting activity. Yet it can bring even more excitement, knowing that it is also beneficial for your personality, life and health! Here are ten lucid dreaming benefits that you should know about.

  • Improved quality of sleep

One of the rules to experience lucid dreams is keeping up with the principles of sleep hygiene. That means getting enough hours of sleep, no blue light before bed and keeping your bedroom cool and noise-proof. When you get into the habit of doing all this, your sleep quality will improve tremendously.

  • Improved memory

Keeping a dream journal and writing in it every time you wake up is key to having conscious dreams. You may find that you don’t remember that much during your first entries, but you will remember an increasing number of dreams with time. This will also undoubtedly help you remember other things as well, improving your memory overall.

  • Higher awareness and focus

To achieve the state of lucid dreaming, you must practice focusing and being aware of your surroundings. Performing reality checks and constantly paying attention to what’s happening around you will inevitably allow you to become more aware and focused in your daily life.

  • Boosting creativity

Imagination plays a huge role when lucid dreaming. When you are not responsible for what you experience in a normal dream state, conscious dreaming allows you to play the conductor of your sleep orchestra. Finding new and exciting ways to experience this state boosts your creativity.

  • Getting rid of fears

One of the best lucid dreaming benefits is the ability to face your fears and anxieties. Exploring them in a safe environment where you cannot get hurt physically or mentally allows you to overcome such fears as public speaking, spiders, social anxiety, etc.

  • Exploring your imagination

We all love to daydream. However, it can never be as vivid as your night dreams. Lucid dreaming helps you close this gap by dreaming consciously and vividly and imagining things in a completely different way! So buckle up and explore the undiscovered corners of your imagination.

  • Problem-solving

Often we get stuck on a particular problem and can’t seem to get anywhere, no matter how hard we try. However, by conscious dreaming, you enter an entirely different dimension that can provide you with answers from within you never knew existed. Seeing things from this different perspective can help you solve the problems you face more easily.

  • Getting more self-control

In your attempts to learn the power of lucid dreaming, you will often have to overcome yourself to keep up with all of the routine activities. This will, little by little, make you the true master of your body and have the benefit of immense self-control, which you will for sure make use of in your own life.

  • Having fun

Let’s not forget what we’re here for. Be it flying around like superman or having sex – conscious dreaming can provide vast amounts of entertainment. Simply enjoying yourself is one of the best lucid dreaming benefits.

  • Testing the world and yourself

The world of lucid dreams is like a giant sandbox in which you can build castles like no other in the real world. Testing the limits of what you can and can’t do can be a meaningful experience worth exploring.