The lucid dreaming environment is unlike any other. The strict rules of physics and logic do not apply here, and one is free to bask in the endless possibilities such a world provides.

We’ve already explored some of the ways to revel in lucid dreams. However, to further illustrate the vast range of experiences available at hand, we offer even more activities you can try out in the world of conscious dreaming.

Be a superhero 

Being a superhero is a dream each of us has had at least once in our lifetimes. There’s something about having magic powers and using them for the greater good we can’t help but dream about. The cinema certainly adds to that, introducing as many incredible and diverse characters as they can think of.

With the help of lucid dreams, you can experience this dream in a much more profound way and give yourself as many superpowers as you want!

Explore the ocean 

Did you know that around 95 percent of oceans in the world are unexplored? Scientists believe that two-thirds of ocean life also hasn’t been discovered yet. While you may not find out what actually lies in the depths of water in a lucid dream, your imagination may surprise you! 

It also helps that you can breathe underwater in a controlled dream – you can dive as deep and for as long as you want. 

Visit fantasy worlds 

The ability to manipulate the environment, characters, and everything in between allows you to travel to the worlds of fantasy that grip your attention and fascinate you in every way imaginable. You can visit Hogwarts from Harry Potter and become a wizard. You can travel to Westeros from Game of Thrones and enjoy being any character there. You could even come up with a fantasy world of your own! Choose any made-up universe and transform your dream accordingly. 

Fight an alien invasion/zombie apocalypse   

There’s something about zombies and aliens that captures our attention. Perhaps it’s the thrill of fighting for survival or the extreme novelty shaking our settled lifestyles. Whatever the reason is, we sometimes find ourselves secretly hoping for such an event and imagine being the heroes who save the world. Lucid dreaming allows us to transform the world to make this fantasy real (or at least as close to real as possible). 

Eat magic substances   

There’s an abundance of substances in the real world that can alter your senses, thoughts, and behavior. The vast majority of them are dangerous and harmful. However, one can always consume something of that nature safely in a controlled lucid dreaming environment. 

You can approach a person in your dream and ask them for magic drugs. They will usually comply (if not, go to the next person) and hand you something special. It may come in the form of a pill, a mushroom, or a drink. Consume it and be ready to experience extraordinary events. If you allow it, the substance can alter the world around you in ways you can’t even imagine. If the experience becomes overwhelming, remember that it’s just a dream, and nothing can harm you. Go nuts and have fun!   

There’s nothing wrong with doing the things you enjoy in the lucid dream, like having sex or flying. However, these can become redundant and dull. Mix things up!