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“YoruX is incredibly helpful with lucid dreaming. The main feed is a bunch of people sharing their dreams, and there’s a journal to log them. You can also set up the app to remind you to do reality checks and there’s very helpful tips for LD.”

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“YoruX is the perfect hub to learn how to lucid dream and share your dreams with others. The app is 100% free, and it will be a big deal soon because they are planning to open a consciousness research lab and develop a device for the induction of lucid dreams.”

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“YoruX is a whole community of people talking about their lucid dreams. You can write your dream journal on there if you’re lazy like me and use alarms to remind you about reality checks.”

What is TotemX

TotemX is a revolutionary device made by Lucid Dreamers for Lucid Dreamers.
It will greatly simplify LD-related routines and significantly improve one's chances of having a Lucid Dream.



  • Vibration Reality Check : TotemX will remind the dreamers to check their realities via gentle vibrations quickly and comfortably.

  • Vibration Auto-Alarm : function will allow dreamers to engage with LD and OBE inductions more easily in the comfort of their bed via vibro-alarms.

  • Sleep Tracking : TotemX will monitor the dreamer’s sleep and track their sleep phases, hour by hour.

  • Vibration LD Induction (REM) : TotemX will utilize the data gathered from sleep tracking to predict when the dreamer goes into REM sleep and send a vibration to signal it to the user.

  • Voice Memos : The function will allow the dreamers to record their nightly adventures without moving an inch from their bed.

Tadas Stumbrys

Chief Scientific Officer at YoruX, Leading researcher in the field of Lucid Dreaming and an author of numerous scientific publications on the topic.
“Lucid dreaming is your doorway into the vast inner universe where everything is possible”

Our Story


The Birth


  • A long developed idea finally turned into a feasible goal – the marriage between technology and Lucid Dreaming.
  • A team began to form around the blueprints of an app and hardware.

The infancy

2021 Q1

  • The concept attracts innovative minds to join in.
  • The final app design for iOS is decided upon, and the team works on the first design for the LD device – TotemX.
  • The first 3D printed TotemX sees the light of day.


2021 Q2

  • The project picks up speed.
  • What began as a concept is quickly turning into a reality.
  • YoruX web is launched, and the test app for iOS is developed.


2021 Q3

  • The team grows even further, resulting in new aspirations for the project.
  • Android app is being developed, and the new TotemX designs are 3D printed.


2021 Q4

  • The project is gaining much traction, and new experts are coming on board.
  • A new and improved TotemX design is developed.
  • The Android app is launched for internal testing behind the scenes.

The Start Line

2022 Q1

  • The app is finally launched for iOS and Android, quickly attracting over 1500 users.
  • Valuable feedback turns into valuable upgrades.
  • TotemX receives novel mechanical and electronic improvements.

The Future is now

2022 Q2

  • The first TotemX prototype is developed. The project adapts some futuristic notions, including a demo version of sleep staging algorithms.
  • A dream is becoming lucid.



  • The sleep lab is scheduled to open by the end of the year.
  • A vast surge of experienced and beginner Lucid Dreamers is expected to join the community.
  • The first devices will finally be manufactured.

A Technological Dream


  • The future looks bright for the project.
  • Sometime soon, an EEG sensor to scan the brainwaves will be added to TotemX.
  • LD scientists and experts will engage in conversations.
  • Members of the YoruX community will be able to contribute to LD research and become a part of a revolution in the conscious dreaming experience.


Paulius Sadauskas

Chief Executive Officer

Paulius started out as a lawyer – he finished his master’s degree in International and EU Law at Vilnius University in 2019. However, his interests took him elsewhere eventually. He is now an experienced iOS developer with an extensive background in law, banking and finances.

Anastasija Samochvalova

Chief Marketing Officer

Anastasija is an experienced marketing expert with over five years of experience in the field. She is an enthusiastic Dreamer herself and wishes to spread the concept as far and wide as possible. Anastasija’s personality and interests were precisely what we needed at YoruX.

Rasul Safarovitch

Chief Technology Officer

Rasul is an experienced and capable programmer with over eight years of experience in the field. He has worked as a full-stack developer for over two years and a web developer for over a year. He also co-founded BUMERAFT in 2018. Rasul is an excellent addition to our team, as his expertise in application, web, and customer software development, as well as web design, is invaluable.

Tadas Stumbrys

Chief Scientific Officer

Tadas is an assistant professor at Vilnius University. He teaches courses “Psychology of Sleep and Dreams” and “Sport Psychology” and supervises BCs and MCs theses. He is intensely interested in dreams and has published over 30 papers on the subject. It would be hard to find a more competent person for the role.

Vladas Golambiauskas

Lead Copywriter

Vladas is a future health psychologist who has a great interest in Lucid Dreaming. He is also very enthusiastic about writing, with nearly five years of experience in copywriting, a novel, and a screenplay under his belt. Vladas is the person who helps us bring our thoughts and ideas to life in an articulated, engagingly written speech.

Nikita Kurakov

Lead UI/UX Designer

After graduating from Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet in 2014, Nikita spent six years serving in the French Foreign Legion. Even though it was no walk in the park, he still managed to freelance as a UI/UX designer for the duration. Today Nikita has eight years of experience in the field and has retained a focused, tenacious and hard-working personality.

Stanislav Sorokin

Lead Electronics Engineer

Stanislav is a competent engineer who overlooks the development of the TotemX device. He is directly responsible for vitalizing the tool and is working on both the hardware and the software of TotemX. Stanislav’s expertise will allow the users to become the Lucid Dreamers they seek to be.

Anton Zyma

Lead Firmware Engineer

Anton obtained his Bachelor’s degree in system engineering at the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics in 2019 and followed up with a master’s degree in computerized control systems and automation next year. He has extensive knowledge in the field and experience in software development. Anton’s young and charismatic personality fits very well within the team.


Audio Composers

Justas Kulikauskas and Aurimas Galvelis are a music producer duo from Lithuania. They met playing on the street 16 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. MoosuX are excellent composers who allow YoruX to chime in lovely melodies.

Anton Ruckman

Lead Industrial Designer

It’s safe to say that Anton is the most experienced member of our team. He has over 20 years of experience in design and founded his own company in 2014 with the goal of helping various companies bring their ideas to life. Anton is an excellent designer who is a pleasure to be working with.

Eimantas Kudarauskas

Lead iOS Developer

With over seven years of professional experience in iOS development, there’s virtually no vision Eimantas wouldn’t manage to bring to life. He can help see any idea brought to the table through in a user-friendly manner. His love for aesthetics also ensures a beautiful interface, enjoyed both by the users and our team members.

Vadym Chuba

Lead HW Process Manager

Vadym is co-founder of Droid technologies and has worked as a project manager/C++ developer for over five years in the company. However, his experience in the field spans for over a decade. Vadym is the person responsible for electronic engineering in firmware in the company.


Rich Busch

Former Director
IBM’s ASIC Business Unit

Business Development Advisor

Aminjoni Abdullozoda

Senior Software Engineer
Expedia Group

Software Development Advisor

Stefan Z.


Social Media Advisor

Amina Mara

The Dream World Podcast

Social Media Advisor

Orif Milod

Software Engineer

Software Development Advisor

Pascal Hamonic

Descartes Search

HR Advisor

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